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Hello There!

My name is Miracle Allums, Licensed Psychotherapist, Doula, and Reiki Practitioner. I know, it sounds like I do and have done it all, doesn't it? Well, you're right! I have. And guess what? I got pretty burned out while doing so.

One day, while working in Private Practice and also supporting my Doula clients I found it was quite a struggle to keep up with tasks such as answering calls, responding to emails, and scheduling clients. I thought, "there HAS to be a better way". And there was!

Here's where Mhoodle comes in. 

Mhoodle is a concierge virtual support service designed for and by Mental Health and Wellness Professionals. We provide phone support and scheduling, website management and general administrative support services that are specific to what Mental Health and Wellness Professionals need. We have been in the field, we have done what you're doing, we speak the same language, and have the same goal in mind; providing excellent support and services to the community.

While these might sound like simple tasks that anyone can do, you really want someone who knows your field intimately and cares about your business as if it's their own. As a small start-up, we deeply understand how important it is to deliver excellent customer care and for you and your clients to feel supported by folks who are warm, kind, and sharp. 

Our clients view us as partners in their practice. You want someone you can collaborate with to help you run your business efficiently. As we support practices of all sizes all over the states, we have a unique understanding of those best practices that your business to run smoothly.

With our support, you can dedicate and invest more time into your clients, your community, and yourself. (Self-care is real y'all!)


Get your time back so you can continue doing the work you love and are purposed to do.

Welcome to Mhoodle!


All my best,

Miracle Allums, LMSW

Miracle Allums, LMSW

Founder and Chief Support Officer

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