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New: 5-Hour Package 

To Support Practices During COVID-19

Our team has been working tirelessly, supporting our practices after-hours and on weekends to make sure that they and their clients are best supported during COVID-19. This is the type of care, compassion, and dedication we exhibit daily for our practices and we are hoping to extend support to others during this time. We are offering a special 5-hour package to support those practices who need extra help and guidance during this time. This package has a 3-month expiration and includes but is not limited to the following:

Internal and External Communications, including:

  • Creation of letter notifications to staff

  • Creation of letter notifications to clients (can be sent electronically)

Updated Clinical Processes, including:

  • Informed Consent for Teletherapy that suits your practice's need

  • Tracking clients returned consent forms

  • Teletherapy set-up (Doxy.Me, SimplePractice, Phone.Com, etc.)

Training, including:

  • Team Training on Teletherapy Systems

If there's anything else your team needs support with, please reach out and we would be happy to support. If we can't help, we will 100% support you in getting connected to the right services that can meet your needs.

Need Support With Other Projects? See Our Regular Project-Based Packages Below

Are you not quite ready for virtual support but need help on a project and want a highly specialized support person who knows the mental health and wellness industry intimately, is highly organized, responsive and creative?

We have just the solution for you.

Projects You May Need Support With:

Systems Set-Up

  • Creating the appropriate phone and contact logs that capture the data you need and want to track

  • Creation of trackers (for referrals, new clients, their benefits)

  • Development of internal policies and procedures

  • Supporting in the onboarding and/or offboarding of staff

  • Creation of staff handbook

EHR Set-Up

  • Choosing a cost-efficient electronic health records (EHR) system that suits the needs of your practice

  • Setting up your EHR for the first time OR helping to transition your team to a new EHR

  • This includes: team announcement, supporting your team in the transition, and team training

And More!

Phone Set-Up

  • Choosing and setting up a phone system that works for your team

  • Creation of the appropriate phone menus and directional instruction

  • This includes: team announcement, supporting your team in the transition, and team training

10 Hour


Available 9am-6pm EST M-F

1 Hour Of Onboarding

Monthly Time Report

6 Months Expiration

15 Hour


Most Popular

Available 9am-6pm EST M-F

Everything from the Basic Package

Complimentary Quarterly Check-In Call

6 Months Expiration

20 Hour


Available 9am-6pm EST M-F

Everything from Plus Package

Complimentary Monthly Check-In Call

6 Months Expiration

Note: These packages do not include phone support or scheduling services

Need a custom package? 

Questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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