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About Mhoodle

Mhoodle is a concierge virtual support service created for and by Mental Health  & Wellness Professionals. We take care of those big and little tasks so that you can dedicate and invest more time into your clients, your community, and yourself. Get your time back so you can continue doing the work you love and are purposed to do.

New York, NY 10035


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“I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for Mhoodle's essential service supports to mental health providers, especially since their specialty and background is in mental health!


With so many gaps in care within mental health Mhoodle recognizes the need, possesses the know how, and executes a more streamlined and simplified approach to scheduling, client outreach and very well thought out communications, such that my client's and I can focus our therapeutic relationship where it matters the most.


I sincerely thank you Miracle and Mhoodle for your thoughtful service, for your careful attention to detail and your nuanced understanding of practitioner needs and the needs of our client base."

Lana L., LMSW, Group Practice in NYC

“Thank you so much for all your help! You really came at the perfect time. I was going through a lot and thought several times of just closing [my practice] to focus on my family and myself. With you providing the extra support and helping me behind the scenes, I was able to accomplish some projects I have been putting off for so long. It allowed me to be present but also continue to grow. You really do provide an amazing service to your customers and I can’t wait to tell everyone about you."

Amanda E., Private Practice in California

“On behalf of the entire Refresh Psychotherapy team, we are proud to endorse Mhoodle, a concierge service for mental health professionals owned and operated by mental health professionals. Miracle and her team have made wonderful contributions to Refresh by acting as a point of contact and helping us to streamline and automate our operations. (And we all think Miracle is just a really cool person.) Thanks Mhoodle ladies! Girl power!"

Keeley Teemsma, LCSW Refresh Therapy NYC

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