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3 Reasons You Need A Virtual Support (Bonus Included!)

Let's jump right in, shall we?

  1. You won’t need to be the “key man” of the business in order to keep it running and growing efficiently. If you have any interest in selling your practice later on, this will make your business incredibly desirable and you will not need to offer a ‘key man” discount because you have systems in place that keep your practice running, even if you are not there. Think long term. Do you want to be running your business forever, or do you want the freedom to pivot and maneuver when life calls you in a different direction?

  2. Completing administrative, marketing, insurance, billing, and customer service roles all on your own is exhausting and it takes your time away from on-hand client work. Weekly, these tasks could take from 10+ hours away from client work. By outsourcing to your virtual support, you can have all these tasks taken care for excellently, and by being with your clients, you automatically increase your earning potential.

  3. Maybe your goal is to actually decrease your client load so you can have more time for other ventures such as podcasts, building online courses, hosting in-person workshops or other opportunities that will allow you to reach and serve more people. Consider outsourcing tasks to help you to position yourself to grow.

Bonus! (Aren't you pleasantly surprised?!)

Let’s be real. We talk to our clients a lot about self-care, balancing their time, and showing up to being their whole and full self. How often do we need to listen to our own beliefs and do this for ourselves? When you outsource to us, you earn you time back and can establish and maintain healthy self-care practices that allows you to show up fully for your clients.

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